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JAG Mentorship

Your portal to Tom Welsh former Navy JAG and his award winning

"After the JAG Podcast"!

Service Description

Tom Welsh is a Blue Water member, former Navy JAG, and host of his amazing podcast, "After The JAG Corps".  Don't let the title fool you here as Tom, and his legal backgrounded guests discuss the trials and tribulations of career progression through the lens of a former JAG, there are countless insights into navigating any career progression.  Tom has been a trusted advocate in the Blue Water Family now for over 3 years now!  His sessions are ideal for members to review as they plot their own career progression course to their next success.  If you would like to engage Tom directly, you can do so through his podcast email below, or reach out to us at BWA for an informed and timely connection.   Tom and his expertise in the JAG and career progression space is truly insightful as is his dedication to our membership. BWA is pleased to offer Tom and his expertise as a highly qualified partner

Join Tom and I here as We discuss the start up of Blue Water Advisors!

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