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We leverage our extensive experience and sustained success in mentoring transitioning professionals or as we prefer to say, professionals in career progression.  Drawing on our combined 75+ years of active duty service, 25 years in government contracting and first-hand experience within Fortune 100 executive management and start ups, we provide that needed, qualified & enduring partnership, current business insight with relevant business products to ensure your expedited and long standing success.  Whether you are departing and in pursuit of  a follow on in government contracting, the defense industry, corporate, or your own entrepreneurial venture, we can bring our expertise to bear in pursuit of your vision.  All of these paths have unique challenges.  Small businesses, government or commercial, face an ever changing environment and competition for scarce resources.  In a world where a current, relevant and credible mentor in this space is rare, we want to bring our service to bear.  We at BWA feel that no good idea should go unsupported.  We strive to earn your trust and meet your desires.   We at BWA believe in you!


To Provide an Enduring Partnership Resulting in Your Success


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