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Professional Services & Event Scheduling

Blue Water offers a number of professional services to assist those in career progression.  We work tirelessly to ensure you have access to the most current, relevant and credible information and mentorship available.  We are dedicated to working with our clients who are passionate about pursuing their next success.   Whether seeking the defense industry, government contracting, or the corporate environment or your own entrepreneurial venture let us be your enduring partner in navigating with you to your next success.  


Current - Relevant - Credible 

We are veterans just like you who have navigated to success in various industries and now are dedicated to bringing back our message on not just "what" you need to do, but "how" you need to do it.  Confused by the ocean of good will and tired of seeing how existing assistance programs fail to adequately prepare you for your next step...  BWA can help.  We offer an acceleration into your career progression through access to our wide and deep network, message, partnering professionals, and invaluable member feedback.  Reach out to us today and let us help you in finding your next success.

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                Expert Guidance

We offer a vairety of services through our  customized programs aimed at meeting your specific needs.  Resiliency Based Leadership Program is a new highly sought after accreditation that seeks to provide you with the needed skillset to not only meet, but to exceed the challenges of your next pursuit.  We work collaboratively with you in generating a strategy that is tangible, achievable, and realistic, and then remain engaged with you to ensure successful implementation.  Here at BWA, our success is measured by your success.  Reach out to us today to take the first step in securing your future.

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             The Path to Success

Whether engaging Blue Water for key insights into forming your own LLC, or teaming with us for clear and concise guidance on general career progression mentorship or navigating the various challenging financial challenges and programs such as SBP, TSP, and more, we can bring clarity amongst the chaos.  Reach out through our online services and tap into the wealth of insight our partnering professionals bring to a variety of topics.  Blue Water Advisors offers sage advice for you before, during and after your career progression.   Reach out today to schedule a free meeting with the pro of your choice.  

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