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Is a Government Job the Right Fit for Me After a Successful Career In Uniform?

Over the course of a military careers, you have no doubt met many successful peers, leaders, colleagues, and friends who have progressed from uniform to a rewarding career of continued service to the Government. There are many benefits to continuing your journey with the local, county, state or federal workforce, however the process of landing one of these positions is much different than a transition to a traditional role in the business world. If you are wondering whether the government sector is right for you, a great resource for additional information on government service is included at the link below. Consider this information as you take on the challenging but rewarding task of aligning your mission, vision, and purpose in your next career.

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16 apr 2022

Thanks for posting Steve! As with all moves throughout your career progression fit is incredibly important! Stepping into and assessing government service requires the same assessment on your part if you are to truly arrive at a healthy environment for you. This is a great overview that will be sure to assist you in that deep dive! Enjoy!

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